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How to hide your OnlyFans payment history (2024)


The simple solution to hide your Payment history is to Sign Up to the free online bank WISE and use that account for OnlyFans exclusively. What would be left on your main bank account and statement is simply a transfer to WISE.

So, how do you pay for OnlyFans discreetly? Sign up for WISE (it’s free) fill up the account with the desired amount and instantly use your WISE Virtual credit card to sign up, and pay for OnlyFans content.

What payment methods does OnlyFans accept?

OnlyFans accepts:

  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Discover
  •  Maestro/Debit

Through WISE you can use their Virtual Card to purchase through OnlyFans.

OnlyFans do not accept:

  • Prepaid credit cards
  • Paypal
  • Crypto

Can you use OnlyFans without a credit card?

No, it’s not possible. Even though (according to our data) 27.84% of all OnlyFans accounts are free to use, they still require you to sign up with a credit card.

Do banks care about OnlyFans?

If you in the future need a loan, or a bank employee need to look at your account for any reason, they will see your OnlyFans payments. Depending on your country, it probably won’t be a problem.  

However, most people would like to keep those things private.  A WISE account will make sure those payments are hidden away.

Should I use my credit card for OnlyFans?

That is entirely up to you. Ask yourself, are you OK with other people seeing you pay for OnlyFans? If yes, sure go ahead and use your credit card for OnlyFans. If not, you should be aware that the payment for OnlyFans will be visible in your bank statement.

OnlyFans payment will look like this in your bank statement.

Is there any way to bypass the OnlyFans credit card request for a free subscription?

No, there is no way of bypassing the use of a credit card on OnlyFans.